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(1) Success Is An Inside Job... (2) Turn Stage Fright Into Stage Delight... 
(3) First-Ever Standing O Award to Barack Obama for His NAACP Speech      

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“Matthew is the perfect guest speaker for your next event.  I encourage you to consider Matthew the next time you're looking for a guest speaker or coach.  He’s a real pro.” 

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An accomplished author, speaker, speechwriter and speech coach with extensive experience spanning the corridors of power in DC to the corporate C-suite … Matthew conducts Personal Empowerment Programs (PEPTalks) for corporations, schools, organizations/associations, colleges, conferences, and the general public.

Is your team or organization performing below its capacity?  Would you like to help your valued employees reach their full potential on the job?  Would you like to enhance your organization's leadership and communication skills?

Are your students falling short of their potential?  Would you like to help them avoid FAILURE Traps and get on the SUCCESS Track?  Would you like to empower your students for success ... in school ... in their careers ... and in life?

If so ... it's time for a PEPTalk!  

Author and guest speaker Matthew Cossolotto believes "Success is an inside job!" He also believes personal empowerment is a gift that keeps on giving... for a lifetime. With these fundamental insights in mind, Matthew has created a series of Personal Empowerment Programs or "PEPTalks" – workshops and keynotes – to help organizations and individuals reach their peak potential... on and off the podium.


 Matthew's Top Three PEPTalks: Keynotes and Workshops
Click to Download One Pager -- Matthew's Top Three Keynotes

Very brief summaries of my top three topics.  As you’ll see from the PDF one pager, I’m also launching a series of Your Pocket Success Guides in the form of ebooks and POD books for sale through my websites and at my speaking events.

      1)  The Joy of Speaking:  Turn Stage Fright Into Stage Delight and            Speak Your Way to the Peak

Speaking to audiences is a widely recognized leadership and success skill.  But far too many people — even those in leadership positions — often feel uncomfortable on the podium, hampered by some degree of trepidation, anxiety, or outright fear.  The missing ingredient in most presentations is what I call “The Joy Factor.”  I thought you’d want to see my recent interview with public speaking guru TJ Walker specifically about The Joy of Speaking!  Here’s the link:



2)  SUCCESS Is An Inside Job:  Avoid FAILURE Traps, Get on the SUCCESS Track, and Reach Your Peak Personal Potential

Built around two seven-letter acronyms — SUCCESS and FAILURE — my empowering keynote (or workshop) provides an easily remembered structure that magnifies its potential to transform behavior and produce lasting, life-changing results.  I reveal how to:

  • Employ “The Six Axioms of Personal Empowerment” to make lasting changes in your life.
  • Follow the Three Rs (Recognize, Reject and Replace) to reprogram your HabitForce – which I call your Personal Operating System – so it works for you, not against you.
  • Avoid FAILURE Traps and Get On The SUCCESS Track.  


3)  The Power of Making a Promise:  Make A Promise. Keep Your Word. Change Your Life.  Transform The World.

I recently launched the first annual “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th) and an online interview program called “What’s Your Promise?” featuring guests who share their personal stories about promises made and promises kept.  (Listen to my inspiring interview with author and motivational speaker Roslyn Franken.  Recording Link: http://lnkd.in/xrHtmz. Telephone Playback: 1-218-486-8703 Code 176041.) In this empowering keynote, I reveal the two magic words that could change your life forever: I Promise!  I share the moving story about the promise I made to my mother on her deathbed that I would finish writing a book I had been discussing with her and dedicate it to her memory. 

Here are just a few high-profile examples of The Power of Making a Promise in action:   Oprah Winfrey made a promise to Nelson Mandela that she would build a school for girls in South Africa.  Nancy Brinker, founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, made a promise to her beloved sister and breast cancer victim Suzy that she would create awareness and help find a cure for breast cancer.  Greg Mortensen, author of Three Cups of Tea, made a promise to build a school in rural Pakistan.  

I sum it all up with these four mantra-like sentences: 

Make A Promise.  Keep Your Word.  Change Your Life.  Transform The World.™ 



Half-Day Workshops
Pump Up Your Podium Power! 

The process of reaching your Peak Podium Potential begins with demystifying the act of speaking in front of audiences.  Designed for small groups of executives, managers, salespeople, or employees.  This half-day program is a highly interactive, informative, and entertaining learning experience.  The format alternates between lecture-style and experiential learning.  A series of 3-5 workshops over a period of a few months is recommended for maximum impact.  The program is designed to be integrated into your organization's ongoing management development and leadership training efforts.  

Among other things, workshop participants learn about: 

  • An Audience of One and Matthew’s Top-Two List
  • The Five Mindset Shifts for Authentic Speaking
  • The Power of S.P.E.E.C.H.:  The Six-Point Checklist for Powerful Presentations
  • The Secrets of Whole-Brain Speaking
  • The Wizard of Oz Formula

Your HabitForce! Reboot Camp
Reprogram Your HabitForce So It Works For You Not Against You

Based on the life-changing concepts contained in Matthew's breakthrough book The Real F Word, this workshop is mandatory for anybody who wants to take his or her life to the next level.  As Ken Shelton, Editor/Publisher of Leadership Excellence, writes:  The Real F Word ... “truly is personal change you can believe in.”

Matthew's empowering “Problem-Solution” approach to personal change reveals how you can escape from self-defeating FAILURE Traps and get on the SUCCESS Track. 

 You'll learn powerful and practical tools for personal change, including how to:

  • Employ the Six Axioms of Personal Empowerment to make positive changes in your life
  • Learn about and replace disempowering FAILURE habits with their SUCCESS counterparts
  • Exercise the Power of Promises to reach important goals about and replace about and replace about and replace about and replace about and replace about and replace
  • about and replace
  • Reject finger-pointing and take total responsibility for your life
  • Stop undermining yourself with negative self-talk.
  • Use positive affirmations to reinforce SUCCESS habits

Matthew's Other Timely Topics Include

Globalize Your Locality

Founder and president of Study Abroad Alumni International (SAAI), Matthew speaks about the importance of the study abroad experience and international education more generally.  He shares his vision of organizing millions of study abroad alumni around the world and in so doing building a vast, engaged community of global citizens.  He challenges study abroad alumni to help reduce the “global awareness deficit” and to “globalize your locality.”  Matthew’s keynote address to the Wisconsin Study Abroad Re-Entry Conference was published in Vital Speeches of the Day.  Click HERE to read.  Visit www.StudyAbroadAlumni.Wordpress.com and  www.YouTube.com/StudyAbroadAlumniTV 

Rx For America’s “Electile” Dysfunction

A former aide to House Speaker Jim Wright and Congressman Leon Panetta, founding president of the Center for Voting and Democracy, and author of The Almanac of European Politics, Matthew offers incisive, informed proposals for reforming and modernizing the American electoral system – including our antiquated winner-take-all voting system; the scandalous process of gerrymandering “designer” districts for incumbent protection; the two-party duopoly that restricts voter choice; anemic voter participation; and the disproportionate power of influence peddlers and vested interests.  Matthew’s commentaries have appeared in The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Los Angeles Times.

Fire At Will! 
Is The Academic Establishment “Barding” Up The Wrong Tree in the Shakespeare Authorship Debate?

As the immediate past president of the Shakespeare Oxford Society, Matthew entertains audiences with this lively and intriguing presentation.  He discusses why there is a legitimate Shakespeare authorship question and what we should do about it.  He shares his Top Ten list of reasons to doubt the traditional “Stratfordian” theory and his Top Ten reasons to consider Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford as the True Bard.  Matthew also offers a presentation titled “Shakespeare’s Posthumously Published Sonnets.”  Visit
www.Shakespeare-Oxford.com and http://shakespearessonnets1609.com.

Foreword To My Book By Jack Canfield: I’m writing a book about the power of making a promise with a foreword by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  The working title is:  The Power of Making a Promise. Here’s just a sampling of what Jack Canfield writes in his uplifting and very generous foreword:

When Matthew first told me about the heartfelt promise he made to his mother and that he was launching a special day called “Make A Promise Day” on May 4th, I was hooked.  You could say he had me at “I promise.”

There was something very attractive, almost magnetic, about this concept.  And I say that as somebody who has been intimately involved in the personal development field for many years.  I’ve seen and heard just about everything …

With a promise your heart and emotions are fully engaged.  Because of this, a promise is what I call a personal empowerment ‘twofer.’  It combines The Power of Intention with The Law of Attraction.  And that is a very powerful combination indeed …

Contributing the foreword to this book and being associated with Matthew’s inspiring “Make-A-Promise” project is totally aligned with my life’s purpose. I applaud Matthew for collecting and celebrating these uplifting stories about promises made and promises kept.


Selected Testimonials Praising Matthew Cossolotto

Click Here For More Testimonials - PDF

Author, Guest Speaker, Speechwriter, Speech Coach,
and Leading Authority on PodiumPower!, HabitForce!,
and The Power of Making a Promise

"Whatever your level of experience as a speaker—whether you suffer from severe stage fright or simply want to improve your level of connection and rapport with the audience—this little book can make a very big difference."
From the Foreword by
Granville Toogood
Author, The Articulate Executive
Chairman, The Liminal Group

"Bravo! Matthew deserves a prolonged standing ovation for
All The World’s A Podium
. The insights he shares are original, incisive, creative, and refreshing. My message to all speakers about this book can be summed up in three words: Read, heed, and succeed!"
Jim Wright
Former Speaker
U.S. House of Representatives 

"Matthew’s [speechwriting] work was always excellent. He was creative and thoughtful in helping develop key messages and then turning those messages into appropriate words. Having worked closely with Matthew for nearly four years, I am sure he will bring value to any client or employer. Accordingly, I give Matthew a wholehearted recommendation."
Charles R. Lee
Chairman and CEO, GTE Corporation (now Verizon)

"I know Matthew's work. I can attest to the world-class quality of his writing and the soundness of his ideas. I recommend his new book and his coaching programs to any executive looking to enhance his or her podium power."
H. Brian Thompson
Chairman, Comsat International

"If the thought of speaking in front of a crowd of people gives you the willies, Matthew Cossolotto's All The World's A Podium is the right medicine for you—a healthier and more effective alternative to a stiff drink, a security blanket, and a bottle of Valium."
Hendrik Hertzberg
Former White House Speechwriter
Author, Politics: Observations and Arguments

“I have spoken with Matthew about his project related to The Power of Making a Promise.  He told me about ‘Make A Promise Day‘ and his mission to highlight what he calls those two magic words:  ‘I Promise.’  I agree completely with him that there is something uniquely powerful about making a promise that goes beyond traditional goal-setting.  I was delighted to share a personal story with Matthew about a very special promise I made in my own life.  I believe Matthew’s mission has the potential to be of enormous benefit to many others and I offer him my very best wishes for success in compiling these uplifting stories about promises made and promises kept.  Put simply, Matthew’s project is very promising indeed!”

John Assaraf

Featured in The Secret and Best-Selling Author of Having It All

“Matthew is the perfect guest speaker for your next event.  In particular, I have found Matthew's "Make A Promise" message to be very motivating and empowering.  So much so that we'll be featuring this powerful message in our future MDI Events.  The Power of Making a Promise concept has helped me become more focused, motivated, and productive.  It's very uplifting but it also produces tangible results.  I encourage you to consider Matthew the next time you're looking for a guest speaker or coach.  Matthew's a real pro ... a promise pro and a podium pro!”

Norm Lapalme
Founder, MDI Events

“Based on my personal experience, Matthew Cossolotto is a superb communications executive, a top-notch speechwriter, and a very talented speech coach.  Matthew’s powerful little book – All The World’s A Podium –is jam-packed with keen insights and invaluable tips about effective public speaking.  If you’re in a leadership position – or if you aspire to any kind of leadership role – I highly recommend that you read Matthew’s book and bring him in as a speechwriter or coach.”

Chris A. Sinclair

Former Chairman and CEO, Pepsi-Cola Co.

"Every once in a while a book comes along that conveys many important ideas in a deceptively simple, unthreatening way. My friend Matthew Cossolotto's All The World's A Podium is such a book. I highly recommend this book to any speaker interested in exploring the art -- and the heart -- of authentic speaking."
Lee Glickstein
Be Heard Now
Founder, Speaking Circles International

"Whether you have an audience of one or an audience of thousands, the important thing is to get your message across effectively. In All The World’s A Podium, Matthew Cossolotto packs a wealth of experience into a handy guide, enabling each of us to become a ‘Podium Pro.’ Well done!"
Lou Tice, Chairman
The Pacific Institute, Inc.

"All The World’s A Podium stands head and shoulders above the typical public speaking primer. Matthew Cossolotto is a speaking guru's guru, the Anthony Robbins of public speaking."
TJ Walker
President, Media Training Worldwide
Founder, The Speaking Channel

"Over the past few years, Matthew has coached me on my presentation skills and worked with me on several speeches and videos. His expert insights and assistance, based on his innovative Podium Power! programs, have been extremely helpful to me personally. I have recommended Matthew's services to other executives within the company, and I enthusiastically recommend his services to any executive or organization looking for speechwriting or speech coaching support."
Jim Braselton
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Lafarge North America




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